PRIMUS’s latest software product – RailcarRx delivers an innovative, comprehensive, cloud-enabled solution to manage the critical aspects of a Railcar Repair Shop and significantly improve throughput and profitability. This software is designed to increase efficiencies, throughput and maximize profitability for rail repair shops.


Banking, Financial Services & Insurance


The Financial and Banking industry has become much more complex as increasing regulation requires additional processes on an ongoing basis.


High Tech / eCommerce


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Manufacturing / Engineering


Competing more on an ever expanding scale, manufacturers must have the ability to respond quickly to any shift in the market place. You need solutions that help your company become pioneering, swift and ultimately achieve flawless efficiency


Telecom / Embedded


The telecommunications industry has become more competitive. In order to compete in this tight field, providers need to continuously innovate and offer new services that set them apart from the competition.




While Healthcare organizations continue searching for ways to deliver more efficient care, these same organizations depend on their IT systems to keep pace with the incredible demand placed on this sector by ever increasing cost factors.




Today’s governments face a set of challenges that are growing more complex each day. Uncertain resources and budget setbacks dictate more effective and efficient ways to provide solutions to the challenges faced

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