Delivery Models

thumb_06_delivery_models2At PRIMUS we work closely with you to determine the best possible solution to your IT problems.

Often we will find that it is best to augment your existing staff, other times it will be more prudent for PRIMUS to manage a team off site for you. When cost is the overriding issue it may be best to utilize our offshore team for the best possible IT solution at the best possible price. Your PRIMUS business development contact will work closely with you to determine the most appropriate course of action for your unique circumstances.


Some IT projects require a specialized team that can work at your facility. You need them in place quickly and you need them to easily develop solutions that integrate seamlessly with legacy applications. PRIMUS can provide the right team for the project. With our capabilities, resources and knowledge we can think outside the box and help you develop solutions that will exceed your expectations. We understand not only your technical requirements, but your corporate culture as well, so we can provide a team that will provide a solution that fits your corporate vision.


When you have a project that requires an outside team, PRIMUS can quickly pull together a team of experts using our dedicated 24/7 recruiting process. Our extensive project management capabilities assure you that the project will remain on task, on time and on budget. At PRIMUS we can manage the project for you, we understand how important it is to provide the right solution, quickly and efficiently. We can take your project from the business requirements and planning stage to the high-level design, requirements, code, application integration, testing to live production.


When your requirements are to find the best solution at the best price, offshore development is the answer. With a team of over 50 dedicated technical members located in Hyderbad, India, we can provide offshore projects and product development. We have a modern, fully-equipped development center in India with complete back office support and solution development teams. We provide QA testing and methodologies, Microsoft/Java technologies and Web/E-Commerce solutions. Our offshore team can provide innovative IT solutions quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

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