About Us

About us

PRIMUS  was established in 2002 in Irving, Texas.  From this beginning the company has grown to include services and support locations in the US, UK, Germany, Poland & India.  With over 3000 consultants deployed “on project” daily worldwide, PRIMUS brings together the right people and technologies to deliver the results our clients are seeking across a broad range of business initiatives.  

Our executive team combines over 60 years’ experience in providing technology and business consulting services.  From a single expert consultant to an entire project team, PRIMUS provides customized resource solutions through its project deliverable based and contingent workforce service options.  Our objective, in every engagement, is to help our clients accelerate their project and work completion schedules, as well as reduce their overall costs.

PRIMUS is a Minority Certified Company in the United States and is certified as an MSME in India.

Company Timeline

Global Workforce employment exceeds 3000
Established Offices in UK, Germany & Poland
Global workforce employment exceeds 2000
Average Global Employment Exceeded 1500 by Year End
Initiated Transportation Industry Vertical
Employees: 140
Employees: 100
Started Operation in India
PRIMUS was founded in Irving, TX