Now Is the Time to Improve Efficiency and Cost Savings

For CIOs and Information Technology Managers

A slowing economy is a difficult time for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. As the economy slows down and reduces spending, IT Departments often find themselves struggling to meet critical business needs and, at the same time, manage reduced budgets.

But there are some options available that can help CIOs and IT managers weather the storm. One such option is a full-service IT consulting firm. Consulting firms, particularly full-service IT consulting firms, provide a range of services including outsourcing, support for deliverable-based projects and staff resources on an “as needed” basis to help IT Managers navigate through challenging economic times.

Read on to discover several reasons why you should consider using a full-service IT consulting firm during an economic slowdown.

Expert Advice                                                                                                                                     

A full-service IT consulting firm should be able to offer expert advice and guidance on how to survive during difficult economic times. They can advise managers on how, based on such initiatives as Key Department/Function Outsourcing, Statement of Work Project Services and Balanced Staffing, to cut costs, restructure operations, adjust project management strategies and more, in order to maximize project deliverable timeframes, improve quality and reduce costs.

Access To Resources

Full-service IT consulting firms have access to staff resources with skills and experience that may not be available internally within an organization or through other external sources. In addition to specialized project staff resources, these resources can also include specialized software, market research data, industry insight reports, and the experience of working with other companies who have had similar issues, all of which can provide invaluable information when making important decisions.

Innovative Solutions

Economic slow-downs require innovative solutions that challenge traditional thinking in order to keep businesses and their IT Departments competitive and viable during difficult times. Full-service IT consulting firms specialize in developing creative solutions tailored specifically for each client’s unique needs and challenges that will help them remain profitable even when the economy takes a downturn.  In many cases, for deliverable-based projects, the practice specializations within a full-service IT firm will have developed pre-built software frameworks that, when applied and customized to the specific business need, can significantly reduce project timelines and improve overall quality.

Reduced Staffing Costs

In slower times it is common for companies to reduce staffing costs as an effort to cut expenses while still maintaining operations at minimum levels necessary for survival until the economy recovers again. Full-service IT consulting firms provide staff augmentation services which help reduce the need for costly full-time employees while still allowing companies access to needed skill sets without incurring additional labor expenses associated with permanent hires.

The economic climate has changed over the past year both domestically and globally; but by employing the use of full-service IT consulting firms such as PRIMUS Global Services during these tough times, IT Managers are able to work within their budgets while still meeting many of their critical business project objectives. 

Full-service IT consulting firms provide valuable knowledge, experience, access to resources, innovative solutions and cost-reduction strategies which can help IT managers achieve success even when they face tumultuous periods. Consequently, if you’re looking for ways your business can survive an upcoming recession then consider utilizing the services provided by consultation professionals who specialize in helping organizations succeed no matter what economic climate they may find themselves operating within.


Now celebrating our 21st year of service and with over 3500 consultants currently deployed internationally, PRIMUS Global Services supports clients across a range of technologies and functional areas. 

Our service delivery models include:

  • Consultant Resources Clients may take advantage of experienced PRIMUS staff augmentation resources to step in, “on-site”, and provide expertise as needed to support critical projects.
  • Project Outsourcing PRIMUS works as an extension of your Development and Application Support organization.
  • Project Directed Through an agreed Statement of Work (SOW) where specific tasks and deliverables are established, PRIMUS helps our clients expand their project portfolio, accelerate completion timeframes and lower costs.

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