Technology Products

IC Components, Firmware and Embedded Systems

The challenges in developing efficient embedded systems and hardware solutions are great.  Architects and Developers must be highly skilled in applying unique solutions across a range of product platforms and design initiatives.  Technical professionals deployed by the PRIMUS Embedded and Hardware Resource team are selected based on not only their previous skills and experience, but also because they have demonstrated an ability to adapt to changing design objectives and produce high quality results. 

Whether you require individual on-site consultants, an entire project team of contractors or deliverable based development solutions, PRIMUS can get the job done.

Expertise and Capabilities​

Software Engineering
Embedded Systems, Firmware Development, Application Integration and Device Management Software

Software Tools Development
IDE’s, Compilers, Assembler, Linkers, Debuggers, Runtime Libraries and JTAG Resources

Quality Assurance Engineering
Verification, Validation, Metrics, Regression Testing and Test Automation

Hardware Engineering
RTL Coding: VHDL, Verilog, ASIC/FPGA: Logic Design and Verification