Lessons Learned in 2022

2022 was another year of growth for PRIMUS.  The tech market has remained strong, at least so far through the first 3 quarters of 2022.  For many on our team, there was a consensus that we learned to be more efficient in the face of a continued high demand (and low supply) for technical contingent workers.  Here are our top 5 lessons learned for 2022:

  1. Remote vs. On-site  As an employer, just because you say, “no more remote work” doesn’t mean everyone is ready to jump into their cars during rush hour traffic (in fact far from it).  Technical consultants in 2022 will readily leave their current position for a better, remote opportunity. Lesson learned: Sharpen up those “locals only” sourcing and recruiting skills and take “100% remote” as something to cheer about!

  2. Network security up front  The opening up of corporate networks (worldwide) has exposed everyone to greater levels of cybercrime. Lesson learned: Business Continuity Planning is no longer optional, it is mandatory.

  3. Adapting to change  “Changes,. . . turn and face the stranger”  Can anyone not agree that the last 4 years have been like a wild ride on an out-of-control roller coaster?  In 2022, the twists and turns in the economy were uppermost on our minds.  Lesson learned: As the old adage states, “work hard, expect the best and prepare for the worst.”
  4. Believe  At the same time, change does not have to be scary. We are, in fact, “here”, working to be better every day. Lesson learned: Believe in your process, continuously improve your service delivery systems, stand for quality, learn to adapt (quickly) and most of all, believe in yourself – – positive changes will follow.0020.

  5. Communicate  Better communication drives better results.  At PRIMUS, along with pretty much the rest of the world, we all have become experts at multiple forms of communication.  Driven by the COVID lockdown we emerged in 2022 knowing more about how to use video, cell apps, standard cell networks, SMS (or related messaging formats), and yes, even desk phones to reach out and connect with our Clients and Employees.  Lesson learned: We can never communicate too much!

We are interested in your lessons learned for 2022.  Please post us back your thoughts and experiences.  Here’s to a great 2023!  Another great learning year – – fasten your seatbelts.