One Supplier...Global Support

The world is certainly getting smaller . . .  technical staff and services for critical projects are no longer restricted by time and geography.  Locating the “best” resources – where, and when needed is now a global affair.  Moreover, employing continuous development methods and leveraging blended cost models across regions is proving to be an effective approach for delivering high-quality technical projects on time, and within budget.

Using a global staffing services supplier who can support contingent workforce requirements across multiple geographies can offer several advantages to an organization. These include:

Standardization: When you work with a supplier with a global footprint, you can establish consistent processes, contracts, and service level agreements across different regions. This ensures that the staffing services are delivered in a standardized and predictable manner, making it easier to manage and monitor the quality of service.

Cost Efficiency: Consolidating staffing services with fewer, global suppliers can often lead to cost savings. You can negotiate better rates and terms due to the volume of business, and you can streamline administrative tasks and reduce overhead costs associated with managing multiple suppliers restricted to only one geography.

More Simplified Supplier Management: Dealing with multiple staffing suppliers in different regions can be complex and time-consuming. Consolidating the supplier base across regions simplifies the supplier management process, making it easier to coordinate and communicate with fewer points of contact.

Scalability: Global suppliers can offer consistent services in multiple geographies, allowing you to scale up or down more easily in response to changing business needs. This scalability is particularly valuable for global organizations with fluctuating staffing demands.

Risk Management: Use of global suppliers can help reduce risks associated with varying compliance, legal, and regulatory requirements in different regions. In addition, a globally focused supplier can ensure that all staffing services comply with local labor laws and regulations, reducing legal and compliance risks for the organization.

Data and Reporting: Centralizing staffing services with a global supplier makes it easier to collect and analyze data related to your workforce across different geographies. This data can be valuable for making informed decisions, optimizing your workforce, and ensuring consistency in reporting and analytics.

Alignment: Building a long-term relationship with a global staffing supplier can lead to a deeper understanding of a client’s needs and culture. This supplier-client relationship can be valuable in finding the right candidates and tailoring staffing solutions to your specific requirements.

Streamlined Billing and Payroll processing: Working with a supplier who manages accounting and finance across multiple regions helps to streamline the billing and invoicing process, making it more efficient and reducing the administrative burden associated with managing multiple suppliers.

While using a global staffing services supplier across multiple geographies offers many benefits, it’s essential to choose a capable supplier with the ability to meet your needs in the regions you operate.

With over 3000 consultants currently deployed on client projects daily, PRIMUS Global Services supports clients across the U.S., in Europe, Eastern Europe, the U.K and south Asia.